Our Services

Professional Installation of the following ( includes a Gas Certificate of Conformity )

Gas hobs

Gas stoves

Gas Braais

Gas Heaters

Gas Geyser

Gas Fireplace

Gas delivery, refill & exchange

Upon planning an LPG Installation, please note that it is vital that one of our professional team members make a site visit to your premises.

We need to plan each and every installation as to where the LPG Cylinder will be placed, what alterations need to be made to the existing set-up etc.

We will only supply our clients with a quotation once a site visit has been made, as that will ensure that the Gas Installation has been drawn up, a list of materials compiled, and a costing of materials to be used has been made. This will be the only accurate way to ensure both sides are satisfied.


Please do note that Midstream Gas is a registered LPG Installer, and that our CEO’s registration Nr at SAQCC Gas is 8913. Our CEO will personally issue a Gas Certificate of Conformity once an installation is completed, tested and commissioned.