Liquefied Petroleum Gas Certificate of Conformity

Do you need a Gas CoC? And does your gas installation comply to the standard?
An LPG CoC is necessary for your household insurance, sale of property and bond registration.
We will come out and inspect your installation and issue an LPG COC once the installation is up to standard as per SANS 10087-1:2013.

As the boiling point of LPG is below room temperature, it evaporates quickly at normal temperatures thus supplying the needed pressure within the vessel to have your appliance operating correctly. It is also supplied in pressurized steel vessels, normally called LPG cylinders.

How do I obtain my LPG COC?

Well…That is the easy part! Call Midstream Gas and have our professionals come out to your premises and assess your installation!

Remember…What you think might be a valid installation, might not be a valid installation when referring back to SANS10087-1:2013. We will do the assessment for you, and discuss any repairs or rectifications with you while we are there. We always have a valid copy of SANS10087-1:2013 with us, so you can get peace of mind and see that we are not just in it for a quick buck, rather, we want to ensure 100% compliance so that if you might ever have an LPG Gas related insurance claim, that your claim will be paid out!